Cutting Edge Catering & Nelson Bros.

Our customers are always looking for what’s next from us. For over 40 years, Nelson Bros. has developed a reputation for out of this world food and service. The same outstanding staff our guests have come to know and love are the same people who will ensure all your catered events will be extraordinary. Our loyal guests love what we do at Nelson Bros. and the ability to bring that aspect into your homes, business events, and weddings with Cutting Edge Catering gives you the security of knowing it will be done right. Your guests will leave events not only happy, but impressed!

The dining experiences our customers have had at Nelson Bros. Restaurant, Pub, and Bakery and return for is what will make Cutting Edge Catering so special. The same level of personalized service, attention to detail, and amazing, delicious fare can be anticipated in any event you host because it is the same experience our guests at Nelson Bros. Restaurant, Pub, and Bakery enjoy each and every time. Our guests have total peace of mind working with us because they know us, they know their expectations will be exceeded, and they love us! 

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