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Food is personal. We believe that wholeheartedly at Nelson Bros. Cutting Edge Catering. Food is also about sharing, savoring, and energy. No matter the event or special occasion you’re looking to provide dining for, we have the concept and custom menu to fit your exact needs.

For over 40 years, Nelson Bros. has developed a reputation for worry-free service and comforting food. The same outstanding staff guests have come to know and love at the restaurant are the same folks who add that personal touch to all our St. Cloud catering events. Our professional catering services provide our customers with the ultimate peace of mind that their event – whether large or small or somewhere in between – is an opportunity to relax, enjoy the company, and truly be a guest alongside everyone else. Why throw a party if you can’t enjoy it?

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For Chef Dan Lunning, food became personal as a sophomore in high school. As a member of the wrestling team, Dan’s fascination for food grew out of his inability to eat without abandon as he maintained his weight for the team. He picked up cookbooks as a hobby, studying cuisines and techniques different than what his farm family was accustomed to eating: meat, potatoes, and garden-grown vegetables. He took his first Home Ec. class and was forever hooked on the culinary industry.

After college where he studied Culinary Arts, Dan got his professional start in Yellowstone at high-volume restaurants in a tourist hotbed. He then went to Florida where he cooked along both coasts, learning creative and gourmet styles to enhance his experience under the tutelage of great culinary experts. In 1996, Dan returned to Central Minnesota to take the executive chef reigns at O’Hara’s in St. Cloud. Together with his wife, Cutting Edge Catering became an LLC in 2007 and collaboration with Nelson Bros. and Clearwater Travel Plaza coming shortly thereafter.

Chef Dan’s core principles include comfort and inclusion with guests when event planning and menu selection. That’s the ultimate key to a successful partnership. His goal is always to be invited back and exceeding expectations along the way. In his words, Cutting Edge Catering is a delightful experience each and every time.

Food is personal. So are your special moments like office lunch catering, conventions, milestone events, fundraisers, weddings, and customer appreciation parties. Cutting Edge Catering believes in providing food and service that celebrates everyday events like they're extraordinary celebrations.

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